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Wool Yoga Mat Cover

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An extra thick, but light, wool topper made of European Merino wool & cotton with 4 elastic bands. Ideal for yin yoga, meditation, relaxation, Shavasana, or just to feel cosy on chilly evenings.

Simply put it over your existing yoga mat with the elastics.

Dimensions: 183×65 cm

Washing instructions:

  • Wash the mat only when absolutely necessary. 
  • Wash on the wool wash program of your washing machine at 30 degrees
  • Make sure the centrifuge does not exceed 600 rpm. The wool mat will shrink if the speed is too high.
  • Use a (little) bit of wool detergent.
  • Never use any softener
  • Never put the wool topper in the dryer. It will shrink irreparably.