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Yogamat Mandala - Mint

Regular price €27,50

Add some extra elegance to your yoga practice with this stylish Mandala Yoga Mat! A mint colored mat with a dark blue Mandala print. Beautiful and decorative, useful for alignment and also a great drishti point, eg during meditation. This mat is sticky, washable, durable and suitable for both active and quiet yoga styles. 

It provides optimal grip and keeps you nice and warm while practicing on cold floors. This yoga mat is easily rolled up and lightweight, and with the free included drawstring you'll take this yoga mat with you everywhere you go!

The free drawstring also lets you carry this yogamat over your shoulder while riding your bike and when you get back you easily hang or store your yogamat at home. Folded twice the Mandala Yoga Mat exactly fits the bottom of an avarage sized suitcase and takes only a 16 millimeter layer of space.

Why you will love it:

  • 183 cm long x 61 cm wide x 4 mm thick
  • Anti-slip / sticky
  • Wears in with use
  • Lightweight (+/- 1.2 kg)
  • Easy to clean, (but be a bit careful with print)
  • Including drawstring
  • Durable soft PVC material
  • Suitable for a daily yoga practice
  • Suitable for all yoga styles
  • Great yogamat for beginners

This yoga mat wears in after use. You want to give your mat some extra grip from the start? Then wash it before first use with a degreasing agent such as detergent, natural vinegar, or shampoo. Then roll the yoga mat firmly in a towel and press out the excess moist there as much as possible, and leave the yogamat to air dray for a  a few days.